Do you offer any special services?


In Person Appointments (Free!) at which I can answer any questions as well as give you the opportunity to choose your products (which is often easier when you see them in person).

Cloth Diaper Baby Registry!! NEW!!!!- I will set up a wish list page on the website from which friends or family can peruse and choose certain items to gift to the mom to be or new mom.  I then will compile all orders and send as one shipment to mom or friend etc as well as a bonus gift from me based on totals.:) Contact me to set up your registry today!!:)


What is the best way to get in touch with you?

In general, we can be reached via email (Audrina.steciw@uleth.ca), phone call or text 587-220-0960, or fb message.  The method by which you will receive the quickest response from us is via text to 587-220-0960


What if I am completely new to Cloth Diapering or am just curious about how it all works?

We are more than happy to answer any questions at all.  We can assure you however that cloth diapering DOES save money, IS easier on the environment, DOES NOT need to mean you are handling poop anymore than you would with disposables, IS NOT our mother’s and grandmother’s version of cloth diapering, IS manageable by you and for your lifestyle, more comfortable for baby, and encourages earlier potty training…etc!

I would love to talk about how our options can suit your lifestyle and give you a ‘cloth 101′ at anytime!


What sizes do your diapers fit?

Our newborn pockets fit from 5/6-15lbs, and our regular from 12-35+lbs.  They have three rise settings and multiple waist settings.


How long will your diapers last?

Our diapers, like most cloth diapers, will last multiple years and multiple children if cared for correctly.  Some things that can damage your diapers include: diaper creams that have petroleum products, unsafe/non-water soluble oils, zinc; washing with water that is too hot (you can’t put your hand in without causing discomfort/burns); drying in dryer on temperatures hotter than air fluff or very low; use of bleach (except as last resort)


Can I avoid Shipping charges?

Yes!, By picking up at my home boutique (Stirling, Alberta), meeting in Lethbridge, or picking up in select cities (Taber, Medicine Hat, Calgary) on select dates and times.  Please inquire for this option before placing your order.  Free shipping anywhere in Canada on orders over $200 (Be sure to select Free Shipping in drop down menu).


Will you deliver?

Delivery will be decided on a case by case basis, but we will occasionally deliver within Lethbridge City Limits at a small charge to the customer ($5-$10).  Please inquire if you live in Lethbridge and would like your products delivered rather than shipped or met for.


What are methods of Payment?

Paypal is the only method of payment on this site.  Without a PayPal account, you can go through PayPal to pay via major Credit Card as well.  Also, if you contact us, we would be happy to process credit cards via Square or give direction for EMT as well.  In person sales can be made via cash or cheque as well.  If you plan to pay upon meeting for your products, select Cash on Pickup at Checkout


Will you ship anywhere?

We will currently ship anywhere in Canada and USA.  Be aware however that the shipping charges will be at an additional cost to your total product cost.  That said, we do our best to ensure you the wisest packing and shipping method to avoid these costs getting out of hand.  Often we will take a slight loss in order to maintain a reasonable shipping amount for the customer.  Free shipping in Canada on orders over $200! (Be sure to select Free Shipping in drop down menu)


My shipping charges are very high, did I do something wrong?

No you did not.  Shipping of products on this site to anywhere in Canada should never add up to be more than around $20.  In the case that it is quoting you more than that, please contact me and I will refund a portion of the shipping (if you have already paid), or give you an adjusted total before you pay.  Due to the nature of my shipping equation, certain combinations of items selected add up to more than it will actually cost to ship.


Do you do custom products?

Not at this time.  With enough requests for a certain type of product, we will do our best to begin to stock it.  Please let us know if there is something you’d like to see in our store


Do you offer returns or refunds?

In general, exchanges (due to gender etc., preference change) can be made if the purchase has not been washed or worn.  Return with refund will very seldom be accepted but will be on case-by-case basis.  Defective merchandise will be exchanged where possible or otherwise refunded.


Do you sew your own products?

No we do not.  We order them in right from the manufacturer.  We hand picked our suppliers only after having tried multiple manufacturers.  Due to the large quantity in which we order, as well as our relatively low overhead, we are able to offer the customer fabulous prices on fabulous products.


How do I care for my PUL products and Inserts?

In general (and very briefly), wash routine should include:

-cold wash, regular cycle length, small or med load size, 1  line powdered detergent

-hot or warm wash, super cycle length, small or med load size, 4 lines powdered detergent

-no extra rinses

-all products in dryer on low or fluff, or hang dry PUL products and dryer the rest at any temp

To prep new products, wash (hot or warm but under 150 degrees) a couple of times with no detergent and dry on low or hang dry.